Welcome to the SPACE AMBASSADORS Program

Phase 2 is now underway

Phase I of the Space Ambassadors program, designed as a global grassroots effort to inspire, educate, and communicate the daily life benefits of space exploration and research, has been concluded. The program saw over 900 volunteers sign up to be Space Ambassadors. During Phase I, we reached over 31,000 people worldwide. Over 59% of the presentations were given to audiences of 50 or fewer people. The National Space Society would like to thank our program sponsors and all the Space Ambassadors who participated in the program - your hard work was very effective and much appreciated.   

The winners of the awards for Phase I were chosen at ISDC 2016 in Puerto Rico. In accordance with the rules, each ambassador in the database was credited with one point for each person attending their presentations, and one additional point for each member of their audience who joined the National Space Society as a result of their presentations. After a thorough attendance verification process, and based on the total number of points accumulated, the top ten Space Ambassadors were selected as finalists and invited to present an example of their work to a panel of judges, composed of NSS leaders, at ISDC 2016.

Those Space Ambassador finalists who were unable to attend the ISDC were given the option to give their presentation live, but remotely over the phone, or to record their presentation for viewing by the judges. All presenters were then given the opportunity to answer questions from the judges. Questions were posed over the telephone for those not physically present. The judges considered the quality, enthusiasm projected, the ability to engage the audience, audience response, and the ability to create passion and inspiration during the presentations.

This presentation evaluation, combined with each finalist's total contributions to the program, were used to establish the finalist rankings.

See the "Sponsors and Winners" tab for a description of the sponsors, the awards, and the award winners.

The National Space Society intends to examine the lessons we have learned from Phase I to help determine the nature of a possible Phase II to the program. Updates will be announced on this website, the "NSS Projects" webpage on the NSS website, and the NSS Downlink.

Ad Astra,

K. Dean Larson
NSS Projects Committee Chair