The mission of the space ambassador program is to communicate the benefits of space exploration to our daily lives and to inspire and educate young people and the public to pursue careers in science, engineering, and mathematics.

We wish to inspire a new generation of leaders to take an active role in helping to create the future they wish to see come to pass.

Space ambassadors will achieve this goal over the course of the program by scheduling and conducting speeches and presentations where ever they see fit, particularly in schools and universities. The presentations may be constructed in any way you see fit and may include all or none of the tools available on this website. The passion you put into the presentation is the key ingredient necessary to be successful.

Each space ambassador will record the required data for each presentation given by logging into your secure personal account link on this website. (member login)

The top professional space ambassadors will be selected at the end of the program in the following manner.

One point for each person attending the presentation including sponsors not counting yourself. One additional point for each new membership including student memberships obtained as a result of your presentation.

The top ten space ambassadors at the end of the program run will be identified soley on the number of points accumulated and will then be judged at ISDC 2013 or 2014 by giving their presentation at the conference.

The judges will then determine the rankings of each of the top ten ambassadors as follows.

The space ambassadors will be judged by his/her contributions to the success of the program by the quality, enthusiasm projected, ability to engage the audience, audience response and ability to create passion and inspiration during their presentation.

Upon the judges selections, assignments will be awarded as follows.

The top professional space ambassador will be awarded an assignment as a space flight participant and will go to space on virgin galactic's space ship two.

The space ambassadors ranked number two through four will be awarded assignments at nastar center, zero g and aurora aerospace for space flight training.

A number of subsequent ranked space ambassadors will also be awarded assignments at various events such as a bar b q at spaceport america to witness the launch into space of the top ambassador. Other opportunities will be made available throughout the course of the program run through the addition of new associate sponsors.

See you up there,

Lee Jones

NSS Space Ambassador Program Director