The Space Ambassador program, designed as a global grassroots effort to inspire, educate, and communicate the daily life benefits of space exploration and research, is being revisited by the National Space Society. Many of you have been doing presentations and spreading the great vision of space exploration and development since the program was initiated. NSS now believes that it is time to complete the current phase and consider a new direction for the program.

In accordance with the rules, each ambassador will be credited one point for each person attending their presentations, and one additional point for each participant who joins the National Space Society as a result of their presentations. The top ten space ambassadors will be invited to present at the 2016 ISDC. They will be asked to give their presentation to a panel of judges who will examine each ambassador’s contributions to the success of the program. Presentations will be given live for those ambassadors able to attend the ISDC; those unable to attend can record their presentations for viewing by the judges and answer questions via telephone. Judges will consider the quality, enthusiasm projected, ability to engage the audience, audience response, and ability to create passion and inspiration during the presentation. The judges will then assign finalists to their training assignments. This will complete phase I of the program.

In order for phase I to proceed, our data must be finalized. Therefore, we are asking that all participants update the Space Ambassadors database, including event sponsor information that will allow for verification of the data, by 15 March 2016. Please ensure your contact information is current and that current sponsor contact information is included in the database. Only database inputs entered as of midnight on 15 March 2016 will be considered.

As you know, originally the top scoring ambassadors were to receive one of the training experiences shown on the Space Ambassadors website. In view of recent events, the Virgin Galactic experience is no longer available. As of this date, we have verbally confirmed awards from Aurora Aerospace, Zero G, the NASTAR Center, and the Kepler Space Institute (Florida).

The National Space Society and the Space Ambassador program would like to thank you for your understanding and hard work over the years. After the ISDC, we would like to work with you on the second phase of this program, the nature of which is still being determined.

Ad Astra,

Bruce Pittman

NSS Senior Vice President/ Senior Operating Officer

Dean Larson

NSS Projects Committee Chair