Phase I Results

Aurora Aerospace


Aurora Aerospace provides weightless flight experiences to the public out of the St. Petersburg Clearwater airport near Tampa, Florida. Aurora Aerospace can be contacted at 813-476-2321 for additional information.

Aurora Aerospace provided two awards to the Space Ambassadors program. The winners of these awards were Jeff Smith of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Chuck Schlemm of Burns, Tennessee. Jeff and Chuck will experience a flight consisting of a minimum of 12 parabolas in an Aurora Aerospace Rockwell 700 aircraft. Each parabola offers several seconds of zero-g conditions for Jeff and Chuck.

Kepler Space Institute


The Kepler Space Institute is constructing a varied space curriculum through their global, online space university to provide students with a comprehensive education to allow them to support the research, exploration, and development of space resources. See the KSI website, for more information.

The KSI award, a non-expiring, $5,000 scholarship usable for any part of the KSI curriculum, was awarded to Stevan Akerley of Durham, Connecticut.



The Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s National Aerospace Training and Research (NASTAR) Center provides air and space training, research, and education to both military clients and the public, operating out of their headquarters in Southhampton, Pennsylvania. See their website,, for a description of the types of training offered and reservation information.

The NASTAR Center Award went to Loretta Hall of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Loretta will take the NASTAR Basic Suborbital Space Training Program, a comprehensive 2-day program of training for space flight, to include centrifuge training.



The ZERO-G Corporation provides weightless flight experiences to the public at various locations around the country. See their website,, for additional information including the schedule of flights and reservation information.

The Space Ambassadors ZERO-G Corporation Award went to Eryn Beisner of Friendswood, Texas. Eryn will participate in a ZERO-G Experience� consisting of a minimum of 15 parabolas in ZERO-G's Boeing 727. Each parabola offers several seconds of zero-g conditions for Eryn and others on the aircraft.